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Not sure what size unit you need? Deciding on the proper size storage unit for your items can be difficult and choosing the wrong size unit can cost extra time and money. Wilder Storage wants to make sure you have the right amount of space for your storage needs. Browse through our different unit sizes to discover what works for you. Still have questions? Contact our office and our customer service experts will be more than happy to assist you in making your decision.

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UNIT SIZE: 5'X5' (25 SQ. FT.)

5x5 self storage unit in Wilder

This Unit will hold:

While 5 x 5 units may seem small, they are very useful for those necessary smaller items that don't fit in your house or office. Have furniture that doesn't currently fit in your home? Or office records that aren't needed on a daily basis but are still vital to your operations? Choose a 5 x 5 storage unit and keep those items safe and secure until you need them.

Equivalent to: Regular Closet

This Unit will hold:

A 5 x 10 storage unit is ideal for storing an entire room of your household. Remodeling your bedroom? Store everything from your bed to your dresser and more. A 5 x 10 unit is also the perfect space for all of your off season needs. Store bicycles during the winter in a controlled environment and open up space in your house for items you will use all year long. Need space for large amounts of files and supplies from the office? Utilize this unit for all of your office storage needs.

Equivalent to: Walk-in Closet

UNIT SIZE: 5'X10' (50 SQ. FT.)

5x10 self storage unit in Wilder

UNIT SIZE: 10'X10' (100 SQ. FT.)

10x10 self storage unit in Wilder

This Unit will hold:

This 10 x 10 unit is a great choice for someone who is moving to a smaller space temporarily and wants to hold on to extra furniture. Two to three rooms worth of furniture will easily fit in this spacious unit. Remodeling your office? Move several rooms worth of office furniture into this unit and back into the office after the remodel. Or store large amounts of files for later use. Whatever your need may be, temporary or long term, this unit has the space you need.

Equivalent to: Half of a one-car garage

This Unit will hold:

A 10 x 15 storage unit can hold everything from a one bedroom apartment. With the space to hold 3 - 4 rooms of furniture, this unit would be perfect for the college student moving home for the summer needing a place to keep everything from the apartment. Don't want to store your sports car in the garage for the winter? Move it into this unit for the off season and keep your garage space clutter free. 10 x 15 units can be great spaces for commercial storage for your small business. Have a small shop but lots of inventory? Hold the extra in our facility until it's time to stock those shelves.

Equivalent to: Two-thirds of a one-car garage

UNIT SIZE: 10'X15' (150 SQ. FT.)

10x15 self storage unit in Wilder

UNIT SIZE: 10'X20' (200 SQ. FT.)

10x20 self storage unit in Wilder

This Unit will hold:

Ever felt like you need another garage just for storage? A 10 x 20 storage unit is the perfect fit for you. This size unit is the size of a one car garage and provides ample space for storage or utilization as a garage for your extra car. This space will hold five to six rooms of furniture or an entire two bedroom apartment. It is also a great option for storing all of your businesses' commercial items when not in use.

Equivalent to: Standard one-car garage

This Unit will hold:

Need to store office items, overstock, machinery or tools? This unit has enough storage for it all. This very large unit can hold an entire household and more. With enough space to hold all of the contents from a 50' moving van, a 10 x 30 unit is what you need when you need to store everything. 10 x 30 storage units offer easy access to all of your items with doors on each end of the unit.

Equivalent to: Standard two-car garage

UNIT SIZE: 10'X30' (300 SQ. FT.)

10x30 self storage unit in Wilder